What is Goodpapa K1?

The versatile and powerful Goodpapa K1 brings you easy way to scrub for multi-purpose uses, clean and healthy life you can make!

Its powerful motor ensures almost constant different brush rotation for tackling even the most demanding scrubbing task. A variety of attachments allow use on a wide range of surfaces and materials.

4 brush heads

1.18Nm(12kg.cm) on-load torque

up to 350rmp/min rotational speed

90mins cleaning time

Waterproof IPX7

Customized stored design

Ergonomic design

Wireless charge

Scrubbing power in bathroom, kitchen, garden

Go Electric with Goodpapa K1 makes life easier - it is a versatile helper for removal of light and stubborn dirt.




4 In 1 all-purpose Scrub Brush

The K1 set gives you four brushes for the price of one and tackles all your cleaning work.


Choose the appropriate brush head based on the desired cleaning area. to get rid of any stubborn stains and dirty surfaces. In addition, every of brush heads is designed with the different rotating speed, which can achieve the best cleaning effect.

Scratch Free-Triple Head

Precision surface cleaning of dishes, stove, glass, gas stove, etc.

Wire brush

BBQ-grills, pan bottoms, coffee pot, blender. etc.

PP Flat Brush

Sink or any flat surface areas. Corner and narrow space.

Bottle brush

Milk shake cups, coffee cups, and baby bottles, or any other regular bottles and cups with deep bottom.

Why We Love It

Various Combinations, Easy exchange of accessories

All brush head components adopt a magnetic connection structure, which is quick and convenient to combine and has sufficient expansion space.

Complete Charging Convenience

Instantly charge your machine by placing in charge stand Base. Never fuss around with plugging and unplugging cables again, just set down and power up.

Ergonomic & humanized design

Compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic housing for a comfortable grip; Double power switch design makes the operation more humanized.

Different brush head, different speed and torque

this special motor for K1 to have enhanced performance driving an on-load torque of 12 kg.cm.Removes with up 350 to RPM the toughest of dirt enabling at the same time good control of the tool without splashing.

IPX7 Waterproof

Whit whole body waterproof design, which can be use in the water, very convenient use and longevity.

Color white and black
Material ABS
Item weight 270g
Size 165*92mm(main body), 165*125mm(product)
Charging voltage 5V 2A DC
Power 5V 2A DC
Continuous use time 24W
On-load torque 90mins
Revolutions 230~350 rpm
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Operating noise <70dB