save time for children

Dear Goodpapa fans,

As Goodpapa, we noticed that there are nearly 22 million children living in single-parent families in the USA, who really need more attention and care, especially in this hardship year of 2020. So we are planning to launch a new campaign to focus on these single-parent families, to attract public attention and improve the well being of them.

This campaign is aim to let more people to know more about single parent families, and encourage them to share their love, their passion to this community.

The process is that we will co-work with NGOs or communities related to single parents, and donate products to these families. With the idea that Goodpapa’s electric cleaning products will help them to save a lot of time on home chaos, and let them have time to enjoy with kids.

We hope that this campaign will drive attention to the plight of these families and create a commitment to help. We proudly invite you to join us and help us to boost the outcome of this campaign.

If you are the relevant NGOs, communities or know which one needs help, please contact Goodpapa via and follow on Facebook at Goodpapahome