Goodpapa N10

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Introducing Goodpapa N10

Goodpapa N10 an incredibly powerful scrubber for your everyday cleaning needs. And it not only changes the traditional ways of bottle cleaning, but can achieve a new level of hygiene in less time, and move on to doing the fun things in life.

Scrub clean in less time - Electric rotation technology and one-key spray design make cleaning up the toughest of stain faster than ever.

Reduce bacteria growth - Anti-bacterial silicone dries quickly to eliminate germs.

Safe sterilization - Finish UVC sterilization within 3mins and kill 99.9% bacteria & germs.

Scrub better - Three different attachments, to deep cleanses all those bottles and glasses up to every last corner.

Save money - Your typical can of dish soap lasts 3x longer than before.

Save water - Non-stick silicone makes cleaning save water than ever before.

Easy to go on - The compact travel-friendly design and keeps your cups clean, wherever you go.

High Quality 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Attachments

Goodpapa N10 comes with high quality 3-in-1 multi-purpose attachments, to cover a wide range of bottles and glasses and levels of ingrained dirt and help you adjust to the most diverse requirements.

The silicone bottle brush

The silicone bottle brush is perfect for cleaning the inside of bottles.The brush feature soft bristles to clean bottle walls without scratching and durable, soft silicone bristles to thoroughly clean the bottom of bottle.

The nipple brush

Soft silicone nipple brush for cleaning bottle nipples, pump parts, valves and other small bottle accessories.

The straw brush

For those hard to reach places,the straw brush easily gets inside bottle straws and gets into the crevices of caps and lids.

High-effective sterilization with Goodpapa N10

Our special UVC light built in our storage box disrupts DNA in pathogenic microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing, making it impossible to spread disease through brush bottle. The truly safe and clean bottle for your daily drinking.

It will kill bacteria and germs in just 3 mins and 99.9% bacteria & germs will be killed.It will guarantee you and your loved ones a clean bottle for safe daily drinking.


Goodpapa N10 has an IPX6 waterproof level, which means you can safely use it to keep what’s essential to you clean with no worries.

Goodpapa N10



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Take it with you wherever you go

The compact travel-friendly case protects and keeps your cups clean, wherever you go.