Smart Toilet Brush

You may have the following questions:

1. Is the toilet brush fully waterproof? Is it safe to have an electrified toilet brush?

Handle IPX4 / brush head IPX7waterproof, no matter how wet it gets, and in a way that is 100% secure for you, as its user.

2.Is the spins constant? Will it be strong or weak due to the size of electricity?

No, the speed will decrease by 10% -20% as the power decreases.

3.Can it be used while charging? Do you need to recharge frequently?

No bootable while charging. 2000mAh capacity lithium battery, USB charging, continuous work of 1.5 hrs on full power and a high efficiency power duration of up to three months with normal use for 5 mins each time every 5 days.

4. Is it noisy to use?

Operating noise less than 70dB.

5. Is it too heavy to use?

Weighing only 380g and a lightweight 46 centimetre flexible ABS handle to protect your risk from fatigue.

6.Can I replaced it? Is it necessary to replace the brush head regularly?

The brush head is replaceable. According to the laboratory aging tests, it can be normally used for 2 years. So no need for regular replacement it.

7.Is the brush head firm?

It is wrapped by four-way buckle, stable and firm.

8.Can the toilet handle be split?


9.Can the storage base be cleaned? Does it smell bad after being used for a long time?

It can be disassembled for cleaning, so don’t worry about smell bad after being used for a long time.

10. What is the material of the toilet brush, is it durable? Will it rust in a humid environment?

The metal part is SUS 304, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Plastic material is the good wear resistance, durable of ABS.

11.How should it be maintained?

Normal air-drying, do not expose to sunlight and soak in water for a long time.

12.Can it be matched with other brush heads for other uses except clean the toilet?

There is no development at present, according to customer needs, we also can develop new brush head to use in other scenarios.

13.Are there any precautions for children to use?

This product is not suitable for children under 5 years old to avoid danger, and don’t aim at the human body to avoid injury.