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Product size ø160*57.80mm
Color White
Weight 380g
Power input 5V 1A MAX
Power output 5V 1A
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Running Time 270min
Charging time 260min
UV-C wave 254NM
Working principle UV rays of UVBOT efficiently remove germs and viruses by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA
Operating mode manual mode
automatic mode
Quilt drilling sub mode
Power Manual Mode power: 2.1w
Automatic Mode power: 3.4w
Fan parameters Rated voltage:3.7v 7500rpm
Down looking sensor 3PCS
Forward looking sensor 2PCS
Alarm mode Buzzer alarm
  • Bacterial Killing Robot: A best healthcare partner for everyone.
    Bacterial Killing Robot
  • Double-sided sterilization cleaning: UVBOT enables to sanitize both sides of blanket and quilt to enjoy your life without mite.
    Double-sided sterilization cleaning
  • 7500RPM Fan: Max+ vacuum power,Thorough cleaning no dust.
    7500RPM Fan
  • 3rd Gen smart mapping and navigation Auto-clean Full coverage.
    IPX7/IPX4 Waterproof IPX7/IPX4 Waterproof IPX7/IPX4 Waterproof
  • Pocket-size design
    your stuff in multiple occasions
    Take you into the new world of "no mites".
    Electric Power and LED Display Electric Power and LED Display
  • 380g 2000mAh Take you iDouble as a powerbank to change your devices.
    Electric Power and LED Display

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