Hey Everyone,

Good day!

As promised, We started shipping Goodpapa K1 on Kickstarter.

It’s been a while since our last update. We were busy dealing with production, so we’re sorry about not replying to all your comments in a timely manner. We are truly sorry for that! But please don’t worry—the production of your rewards is now completed! Today, all the products have been sent to our warehouse in Shenzhen China. Right now, we are busy dealing with packing every backer's package and sticking shipping labels on it.

Every Goodpapa k1 is thoroughly inspected, assembled, packaged, labeled and shipped right from our warehouse in Shenzhen.

We wanted to give you some photos while you wait. Good news in, you won't be waiting much longer at all!


If you have a question about your rewards or shipment, please email us at support@goodpapa.net in time and we will provide possible practical solutions to you.

We hope you like your Goodpapa, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Goodpapa K1 is now live on GOODPAPA Website.

The Goodpapa K1 4-1 All Purpose Spin Scrubber is now available in stock and open for order.

Best Regards,

Goodpapa team