How does it works?

The scrubber is equipped with different head types for different applications. All you need is to place the specific head you need to get the scrubber to work. It is an electric device powered by a rechargeable battery.

Goodpapa spin scrubber works by pressing the button on the equipment, and then rotates the head to make the motor work, so as to complete the work without pressure. It can be charged through the small port on the back of the handle. When fully charged, it can work longer. Use on ceramic tiles, hardwood, marble, linoleum or tarpaulin without worrying about scratches or scratches. The smooth and lightweight design makes it easy to use and convenient for people of all ages.

Products Features


The Goodpapa Spin Scrubber, with Built-in Rechargeable Batteries;makes Cleaning Stains a whole lot Easier with it’s Incredible Torque.


The Goodpapa Spin Scrubber, With it’s Built-in Rechargeable Batteries, “ROTATES 300 TIMES PER MINUTE”. It’s Incredible torque Scrubs Away Calcium, Soap & Hard Water Stains With Seamless Ease. You also get the Extension Pole that Extends close to 4.2 feets; which aids cleaning of hard to reach areas.


The Goodpapa Spin Scrubber is Perfect for both Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning.


Package includes the Goodpapa Spin Scrubber Brush, Extension Pole, 4 Brush Heads & the Charger.