For a lot of people, cleaning the toilet brush consists of dumping bleach on it and rinsing it by flushing the toilet several times. This isn’t a good way to clean it, nor is it totally sanitary. Good Papa hopes to provide a better solution with the world’s first self-sanitizing toilet brush.

After cleaning the toilet, the Good Papa brush goes back into its storage container where UV light bombards the bristles from all sides, killing any lingering bacteria on the brush. According to Good Papa, the UV-C ray disinfection process kills 99.9% of bacteria within 120 seconds. The container is lifted slightly off the ground so that any drips fall through, and air ventilation ensures the brush dries and doesn’t promote further bacterial growth.

The Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush is a powered device that will make quick work of an essential but unpleasant task when it comes to daily cleaning capabilities. The toilet brush features a motor and a battery within that can be activated in order to start scrubbing the bowl with the press of a single button. The unit will quickly clean away grime thanks to its ability to go at a speed of 300 rotations per minute, while the UV-C sterilization functionality will keep things as germ-free as possible.

The Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush has a self-cleaning design to eliminate the need for manual sterilization after use and will provide up to 1.5 hours of cleaning power per charge of the battery.

The features of the brush don’t stop there, however. The head of the brush spins at 300 RPM to make it easier to clean the toilet. The spinning means you can press and hold the brush against stubborn stains instead of scrubbing and splashing toilet water everywhere. The brush is designed to be soft so the bristles will not damage the ceramic of the toilet. There is no battery to replace, either. Just plug in the brush through a port on top of the handle.

The brush has an IPX7 rating and is designed so that no water can enter the interior of the brush and damage the motor. If the head of the brush begins to look a little worn, you can simply remove it from the brush and throw it away. A replacement brush slides easily onto the rotating head of the device.

The Good Papa toilet brush is definitely innovative and plays into a market that is sorely underserved. There are only a few other devices that are designed for the less-than-pleasant work of cleaning the bathroom, including the Shine Bathroom Assistant, a chemical-free toilet bowl cleaner. If you’re looking for a way to make cleaning the bathroom faster and less disgusting, check out the Good Papa .