Stuck up grime, grease, burnt food, and dirt on kitchen counters, grill plates, sinks, pans, bottles, containers, and just about any surface are some of the hardest things to clean and get rid of. So it’s no surprise why a lot of people dread doing such tasks – us, included. But with the Goodpapa k1, scrubbing these messes wouldn’t be as difficult, tiring, and time-consuming.

The multifunctional and strong Goodpapa K1 makes life easier - it is a versatile helper for removal of light and stubborn dirt. Its powerful motor ensures almost constant brush rotation for tackling even the most demanding scrubbing task. A variety of attachments allow use on a wide range of surfaces and materials. Due to its IPX7 waterproof protection it is also qualified for use in wet environments. This brush masters scrubbing of tiles and joints, garden furniture, ovens, pots and pans, and shower glass and reaches narrow areas like tap or shower. This handy tool offers cordless application and is rechargeable via Wireless Charging.

High cleaning power even with applied pressure due to a powerful motor

Versatile for many cleaning jobs thanks to a wide range of different available accessories

Waterproof design due to IPX7 waterproof protection. Scrubs different kinds of surfaces, e.g. bathroom tiles, kitchen stove, pots and pans

Cordless tool with Li-ion battery, rechargeable via Wireless Charging.

4 multi-purpose brush heads For all cleaning.

Goodpapa K1 comes with four multi-purpose brush heads that will satisfy all your cleaning need. Choose the appropriate brush head based on the desired cleaning area to get rid of any stubborn stains and dirty surfaces.

In addition, every of brush heads is designed with the different rotating speed, which can achieve the best cleaning effect.

Removes dirt effortlessly

Eliminate stubborn dirt with speed and efficiency: The powerful motor delivers almost constant output of 230-350 rpm and masters even the hardest scrubbing jobs.

 IPX7 waterproof

Water protection (IPX7) against splash water from all directions qualifies the tool for cleaning in wet environments in kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor.


Easy exchange of accessories

Interchangeable pads (e.g. kitchen, non-scratch) can be easily attached thanks to Magnetic Snap-on Action. Change brushes or pad holder in just a few seconds due to its easy-to-use magnetic snap-on action.

 Wireless Charging

We’re helping you keep things tidy and avoid accidental damage by designing the K1 to charge wireless, no more USB flipping or lost plugs.

 Custom Stand

The stand not only gives the K1 a place to rest, it’s also an elegant way to keep the device on your countertop and charge it wirelessly. We’re transforming ugly sponges into works of art with the K1!

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