Daily tasks tend to take a lot of our free time. Any help possible is more than welcomed. The bathroom and kitchen are my pain points. It takes me a lot of time to finish cleaning every time so that I had to find a solution and a Spin Scrubber was the answer. The spin scrubber is an great accessory for everyone who works long hours and wants to have a social life or time just to relax.Today we take a look at this electric cleaning brush.

Electric spin scrubber: main features

  • Powerful Motor:The tile cleaner has an 84W motor and two 7.4V rechargeable batteries. Recharging time is about 2.5 hours for a 90-minute cleaning! You only need one device to audaciously clean everything with just the spin of a brush!
  • Easy Storage:The cleaner comes with a free rack. Don’t waste your time on drilling a hole in your wall or in finding a space to store your grout brush and accessories! After cleaning, just hang your wet scrub brush to dry on the rack.
  • Unique Accessories:It has a 24-inch long extension handle, no need to bend over your toilet to get those nasty stains. This detachable toilet cleaner’s head is flexible, so you can clean from different angles. Your package also includes 4 different brushes.
  • Water Resistant:This scrubber is fully waterproof from the hinge and below. The top part, its handle, is water resistant from splashing water, so don’t immerse it in water.
  • All-around Cleaner:You can use this versatile spin brush for the bathroom, different floors, car, walls, windows, glass surfaces, patio furniture, tile grout, shower, toilet, bathtub, and kitchen.

The electric spin Scrubber looks like a an electric standing broom and can be used with or without an extension. It is not heavy to pick and use on wall, but needs both hands for long time usage. It weighs 2.6 kgs. The extension handle is 60 cm long so you can reach the floor and ceiling easily. The head of the scrubber can be bent to 82 degrees for ease of use and the lower part is fully waterproof for water bucket usage. It has an 84W motor and two 7.4V / 2000mAh rechargeable lithium batteries. Recharging takes about an hour and half for 2 to 3 hours for usage depending on the speed of the motor. The 84W power motor has a torque of 40kgf.cm which offers more than enough power for most household tasks.

On the scrubber body a LED Display presents the battery percentage and the speeds – you can hear/see that anyway. A button in the display works as on/1st speed/2nd speed/off. The scrubber has a metal rack and a scrubber base when on the closet. It holds the accessories together for easy reach.

The electric spin scrubber with 6 Replaceable Brush Heads, You can clean for bathroom, different floors, car, walls, windows, glass surfaces, patio furniture, tile grout, shower, toilet, bath tub and kitchen, it also cleans car tires well. Greatly meets the need for cleaning in different scenarios. The highly sealed design also makes hurricane spin scrubber resistant to splashing water and can be used under wet situation.

 There is a usage manual and an adapter inside the main package. From this long description of accessories and daily usage you get the point! You can clean whatever you want! I am more than happy and I fully recommend it.