For the problem of how to disassemble the brush head of the electric cleaning brush, many customers have reported that it is very difficult to disassemble. In fact, it is very simple, but you use the wrong method.

Now I'll send you a video to teach you how to disassemble without effort. You can have a try in private as soon as you see it!


Because we have made an anti-skid design on the brush head, no matter which direction we twist, we can't disassemble it. At this time, you should look at the unlocking sign on the brush head and the unlocking direction. We fix the brush head, turn the main engine quickly in the unlocking direction, and then it can be easily unscrewed.

And our round brush head, which has been used, is difficult to hold. We can hold it here with one hand and hold the machine with the other. We can't disassemble it by rotating back and forth. We turn our hands clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time, and then unscrew it