Let's look at what it means to have a clean house?
Everybody is different and what is acceptable for one person might not meet the standards of another and that is why I think it’s important to set guidelines as to what is acceptable and what isn’t!
For some people, a clean house means, perfectly clean top to bottom and that’s fine but in reality, when you work, have families and pets this standard is often hard to accomplish!
An acceptable clean house I think is where the kitchen and bathroom are clean and the house looks put together, floors are clean and there is no visible sign of dust!
But for you, having dust might be something you can live with and are happy that your whole house isn’t perfect, you might be happy with a tidy home and not too fussed about deep cleaning!
It’s about finding the right balance for you and your family!

Tips to keeping a clean house

Keeping a clean house depends on you working out what tasks you need to do and how often!
I know what needs do daily and what needs doing weekly.
By having a list for each section, I can quickly see what I have to do and then I can pick the weekly task that fits my mood for the day!
My daily tasks are simple:

  • Make the bed
  • Wipe down the sink, bath and toilet daily
  • Keep the kitchen clean, wash the dishes, keep the countertops clean and make sure the bin doesn’t need emptying
  • Sort and dry at least one load of washing

All this takes me 10 minutes maximum! It probably a lot less than that most days!
The weekly schedule for cleaning is simple too:

  • Deep clean bathroom
  • Wash floors, (well I steam mop them!)
  • Vacuum upstairs twice a week
  • Vacuum downstairs three times a week
  • Dusting downstairs once a week
  • Dusting upstairs once a week
  • Change the sheets on the bed
This is the basis of my cleaning schedule!
What I will point out, I expect everyone that lives here to help!