Do you want to get rid of your house’s hardest stains with the minimum effort and time? 

Yes, of course, choosing best cleaning tool to scrub these stains. To some extent, a good spin scrubber is a great alternative to mopping, because it’s faster and a bit more efficient.

Cleaning your floors, bath tiles, and kitchen sinks can go so much quicker with the help of a great spin scrubber. Whether you’re tackling the tile and grout in your bathroom, removing the baked-in grease and grit from your stove, or giving your hardwood floor a bit of a shine, here’s how to find the best spin scrubber to finish the job.

Goodpapa has released M series cordless electric spin scrubber, so what is the difference between them? Maybe you can find something from this comparison list.


Electric Spin Scrubber Comparison

What does Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber

Goodpapa electric spin scrubber M1 has 3 brush heads,You have access to three different brush heads. The first of these is a big flat brush head, and this brush head is great for big flat spaces. And then, you have a big round brush head, which is great for larger spaces that require a round brush, such as sinks and the corners of various spaces. Finally, you have a corner brush head, which is excellent for those small and tight corners, nooks, and other small spaces.


Goodpapa electric spin scrubber M2/M3, these both with four interchangeable brush heads, the power scrubber is designed to speed up cleaning time on multiple surfaces. The extra-wide flat brush head can handle large surfaces, including big patios and outdoor pools, while the smaller flat brush head is great for stovetops and grills. Swap for the round bristle head to make your bathtub, sink, or toilet grime-free before switching to the corner scrubber head for all those hard-to-reach tight spaces.

There isn’t a significant difference, but depending on the type of cleaning you intend to do, it can be a noticeable difference.

Instead of having one speed model,  a rotation speed of 180-240 RPM, the M2, M3  have 2 speed model control , Low speed:220-230rpm/min; High speed:260-270r/min.

As for the battery, the M1 uses 21700 Lithium battery with 4000mah, but it takes four-hours to charge and gives you 50mins of battery-life.

Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M2/M3 use double 18650 Lithium battery with 2000mah, when full charged, they can work time 45mins ,Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M2 full charged need 2.5hours, Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M3 use fast charge way only 1 hour.

So, unfortunately,M1 not quite as convenient as the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M2/M3.

While the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M1does offer less overall power than the  Electric Spin Scrubber M2/M3, it has a few features that are great. 


If you take a look at the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M1, and then take a look at the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M2/M3, you’ll notice a few things. Right away, you’ll notice that the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M1 has a much simpler design than the Goodpapa Electric Spin Scrubber M2/M3. It’s not an aesthetically pleasing design, but it’s handle length and weight are also different due to use different material.

In this guide, hope that can help you to know Goodpapa M series electric spin scrubber.


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