Let's learn about the knowledge of electric toilet brush.

What is the principle of electric toilet brush?

Toilet brushes are generally used to clean the toilet at home. When ordinary toilet brushes clean the toilet, some places will not be cleaned in place, and some stubborn stains are difficult to clean even with special force. Therefore, there is the advent of electric toilet brushes. What is the principle of electric toilet brushes?
The structure of the electric toilet brush is composed of a handle, a brush rod, a brush head, a power supply, a vibrator, and other parts. When working, just turn on the power supply, and the vibrator in the brush head will be driven by the power supply to rotate. The inner wall of the toilet can be cleaned through high-frequency vibration, and the toilet can be cleaned without using force.

Goodpapa electric toilet brush MT2

Advantages of electric toilet cleaning brush

(1) the cleaning effect is good, using the motor to drive work, the cleaning is effortless, the cleaning intensity is big and the time is short. It can be cleaned through the vibration to the parts which can not be cleaned by the ordinary toilet brush, and the toilet wall is scrubbed clean.

(2) Long service time. The electric cleaning brush has a built-in high-capacity battery, which takes a long time to fully charge.

(3) The IPX7 waterproof technology is adopted, with good waterproof performance. It will not affect the use even if it goes deep into the S-bend at the lower end of the toilet.

(4) Low-speed motor is used to vibrate, which will not cause sewage splashing in the toilet.

(5) The TPR brush head is denser than the ordinary toilet brush, has strong decontamination ability, does not damage the toilet glaze, is not easy to break the hair, and is not easy to breed bacteria.

(6)After using it for a period of time, the brush head can be directly removed and replaced with a new one without replacing the whole toilet brush.


 Disadvantages of electric toilet cleaning brush

The main disadvantage of electric toilet brush is that the price is relatively expensive, and although it is not laborious when cleaning, it still needs to be controlled, otherwise it will be easy to deviate.

However, generally speaking, the electric toilet cleaning brush is still easy to use. If necessary, you can buy one and put it in the bathroom.