Do you want to get rid of your house’s hardest stains with the minimum effort and time? Yes, I know! it sounds like a good bargain. My advice to you is not to miss reading this article about the GOODPAPA Electric Spin Scrubber. 

Why you should consider the Goodpapa Electric Scrubber over other electric scrubbers?

It is cordless, rechargeable and a long-life battery: which means you can take it anywhere and reach places far away from power plugs. You can take it with you anywhere you need it will not take space in your car. It also works for a fair time if it is fully charged, so you do not need to keep the charger with you.

Replaceable brush heads:

There is a wide flat brush head for flat surfaces and large areas like walls, floor, patio, pools, and others. It is a tile floor scrubber and used as a wall tile cleaner machine. A small flat brush for cleaning smaller spaces like stove, and grill or car wheels.  A Round Bristlehead that works great for bathrooms (sink, tub, toilet) and finally the corner scrubber head brush for cleaning title grout, corners, or window edges. The interchangeable heads allow the scrubber to reach into various shaped areas.

Water resistant:

The brush heads are waterproof and work with detergent to maximize efficiency. The sealed design allows it to work under wet conditions and never mind the splashing water.

It is modern:

It looks elegant and fashionable that you would not want to keep it away from sight. It has a very attractive design with a portable hook to hang.

Lightweight and low noise:

The Electric Homitt Scrubber is considered very light compared to other products, which means it will not hurt you holding it for some time and doing a long cleaning job. Do not worry about the noise as well it is very low.

Adjustable extension handle:

Each of these spin scrubbers comes with the main handle and an extension handle; with different lengths that can be adjusted according to the appropriate length you need. This means you never have to bend, knee, or stretch again; you will save your back, joints, and arteries from pain. The handle also angles when you switch it on to the direction you want.