It’s that time of year again: Winter comes to an end, signs of spring emerge... and it’s time for our annual deep clean!  Spring Cleaning started as a way to clean away Winter’s mess.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic dominating people’s minds and media headlines, health and hygiene seem more important now than ever before. While we aren’t experts in the medical science field, we’ve long understood the connection between keeping your home clean and preventing pest infestations. 

Why spring cleaning is important

These age-old purposes of spring cleaning still remain important today, as our homes’ indoor air quality is not usually the greatest: many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that generate toxic fumes; furniture, paint and other building supplies off-gas and impact the air we breathe; and conventional candles are technically indoor air pollutants too.

In addition to airing out the home and the seasonal scrubbing and polishing, spring cleaning has also come to represent a collective movement to organize and tidy up the home for improved mindset and mental well-being.

Saves time & money

Tidying up can also save you time (and money) looking for or replacing items lost in a messy or disorganized home.

Increases happiness & improves mood

The end goal of tidying up is a home full of items that spark joy. A clean, well-organized home can actually boost endorphins in the brain, increasing energy levels and making you feel happier and more content.

Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Studies show a clean home makes people happier! Cleaning can also give a sense of satisfaction that will put you in a good mood.

Cleaning your environment often leads to cleaning up other areas of your life as well: think diet, sleep habits or exercise. When we spend the time and energy to thoughtfully clean, de-clutter and organize our home, we prioritize ourselves, our health, and our well-being—an act that can inspire us elsewhere as well.

Reduces allergens

Spring Cleaning can help remove allergens you may not get in your regular cleaning routine!

Clean air helps support a strong immune system. A deep clean and decluttering tends to reduce dust and allergens in your home—which, in turn, promotes cleaner air for you to breathe, and reduces the harmful effects of accumulated dust and allergens. We also recommend these natural air purifiers to give your indoor air quality an extra boost.

Spring Cleaning toollist

Below are tools to make house cleaning easier!

Electric spin scrubber

This rechargeable, cordless spinning scrub brush has adjustable heads to help with different types of jobs.
It comes with 5 Brush Heads: sponge brush,coral fleece mop, flat brush, chenille brush,round brush,meet your different needs. It can be used in the bathroom to clean the bathtub, tiles, grout lines, and toilet, and it can be used in other rooms of the house as well.
They claim it not cuts down on cleaning time, but they market it as a way to reduce the aches and pains associated with cleaning.

To you or I this may not mean much, but if you are elderly or have a chronic painful condition, cleaning your house can be a real pain.

Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush 

The Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush is a powered device that will make quick work of an essential but unpleasant task when it comes to daily cleaning capabilities. The toilet brush features a motor and a battery within that can be activated in order to start scrubbing the bowl with the press of a single button. The unit will quickly clean away grime thanks to its ability to go at a speed of 300 rotations per minute, while the UV-C sterilization functionality will keep things as germ-free as possible. The Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush has a self-cleaning design to eliminate the need for manual sterilization after use and will provide up to 1.5 hours of cleaning power per charge of the battery.