Finding the best toilet brush can make cleaning a little easier. The best brushes also help make your bathroom a more functional and hygienic place. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it helps to review a few shopping considerations, brush types, and features to find a toilet brush that meets your needs based on price, design, and more.

What to Consider When Buying a Toilet Brush

Whether cost is most important to you, or if you prefer sustainability or design, you can find the best toilet brush for your bathroom by considering the following.


You need a toilet brush design that combines efficiency with an appealing look. A brush can be used as a piece of decoration after all.  


Handle designs can vary. You want a toilet brush handle to be comfortable while scrubbing, but another handle consideration is whether a brush has a good grip. A gripper can prevent the brush from slipping from your grasp and splashing you with toilet water while cleaning.

The height of the handle is important too, since a shorter handle could lead to the unnecessary spreading of germs, while a longer one generally adds a degree of comfort and ease of use. Check for brushes that have a minimum handle height of 10 inches.


 A brush that is easy to clean should be on the top of your list too. The brush you buy must be able to clean and be cleaned easily and with minimum effort.

Reusable vs. Disposable

Reusable brushes are the more sustainable picks, taking up residence in your bathroom and requiring regular sanitation as you use them. Most people prefer a reusable brush that’ll last long enough for them to feel that they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of the product.

However, disposable brushes are useful for a few reasons. They’re preferred for situations where you need an option to throw the brush away once the job is done, or for easy disposal before moving house.

Manual vs. Electric

Both manual and electric toilet brush options are available, which one is best depends on individual user preference. For one thing, manual toilet brushes tend to cost less, while electric toilet brushes require more of an investment.

Electric toilet brushes are cordless and require less effort to thoroughly clean a toilet bowl, since the motor does most of the work. Electric brushes make cleaning a little easier for people who have mobility challenges or back problems.

Both manual and electric brushes will get the job done, and both typically come with the option of swapping out a brush head as needed, saving money on replacements.

Scrubbing Head

The shape of the scrubbing head matters just as much as the quality of the bristles. Many standard toilet brush designs can’t get into all the nooks and crannies of a toilet bowl, requiring multiple tools to get it fully clean. Having a brush that’s sturdy and well designed is the best bet for a cleaning tool investment.

However, for electric and disposable brushes, the bristles differ. Electric brushes don’t require as much force and maneuver easily, allowing you to get into places you normally wouldn’t with a traditional brush. Disposable brushes often have a generic design and a softer head for one-time use. Looking at various scrubbing head options will help you select the best toilet brush for your needs.


Current toilet brush and base systems just perpetuate what we call the GERM CYCLE. This is simply the transfer of germs and bacteria from one location to the other, and never really getting rid of the ecoli.

 Your toilet bowl can house over 3.5 MILLION bacteria, per square inch. So people will need to consider whether the toilet brush can have its own sterilization function to meet the sterilization effect.

Our Best Sell

Taking into account the considerations outlined above, Goodpapa create electric UVC germicidal toilet brush. Easily keep bacteria away from your toilet with the world’s smartest toilet brush! The power of UV disinfection combined with a smart silicone bristle brush to keep your toilet easily and perfectly clean—all the time.

  • Generate medical-grade disinfection results
  • Have 99.9% of bacteria killed in only 120 seconds
  • Safe and eco-friendly—no radiation/residue/ozone
  • LED UV Disinfection Light with UV wavelength of 220-280nm for outstanding results LED
  • UVC Automatic Disinfection—achieve hygiene results no other device offers UVC
  • 18.1 inch long handle—ergonomically designed