Not many people can actually say they like scrubbing, washing, and cleaning those dirty stains in their house. However, with a power scrubber at hand, home cleaning, especially bathrooms and kitchens, doesn’t have to be a grueling task anymore. Not only does this handy appliance minimize effort on your part, it speeds up cleaning time – eliminating those stubborn stains in a matter of minutes!

The best power scrubber is set apart from all the others simply by being a host to all kinds of features that make it – and the bathroom – shine. To help you find the one that works best for you and for your specific home needs, we have taken the time to research and development the important features we considered in our survey.

In particular, the choice of cleaning brush accessories problem, when we investigated other brands of cleaning machines in the market, we saw that the plastic gear was used, and the strength of the plastic tooth case was very weak. In order to consider the service life of the product, we chose to use metal gear motor.

The metal structure reduction gearbox is made of powder alloy die-casting or refined steel, which has good rigidity and durability and is not easy to break the shaft; The disadvantage is that the noise is large, the manufacturing process is complex, and the manufacturing cost is higher than that of the plastic structure reduction gearbox.

Plastic structure refers to that the gear combination of the reduction gearbox is composed of special plastic, which has also good wear resistance and compression resistance,but when a certain fatigue index or corrosion critical point is reached, the transmission shaft will break, damage and stop working.

When compared with metal gears, plastic gears have the limitations of low modulus of elasticity, low mechanical strength, poor heat conduction performance, and a large coefficient of thermal expansion. Temperature is the main factor affecting wear, and rotation speed and transmission torque are more important factors affecting tooth surface temperature and wear, which limit the use of plastic gears in high load and high-speed occasions.

So we consider the service life of the product, we chose to use metal gear motor.